The Silver Cord is a distinguished graduation award available to Urbandale High School seniors who volunteer a specific number of hours during each year of high school.  Upon completion of hours, participants will receive a Silver Cord to wear on their robes at graduation in recognition of their achievements. The purpose of the Silver Cord program is to encourage students to experience the joy of giving back to their community and to be recognized for their efforts.

Silver Cord Registration form

To earn a Silver Cord, students need to complete to complete the following by May 15 of their graduation year:

Graduating class of 2017 110 total volunteer hours
Graduating class of 2018 150 total volunteer hours
Graduating class of 2019 160 total volunteer hours
Graduating class of 2020 160 total volunteer hours

For  a copy of the Hours Verification form,     Hours Verification Form 2017

For a list of pre-approved organizations, click here

Click here for new volunteer opportunities


Please return your completed verification forms to the Urbandale High School Office. Each month, UCAN staff and volunteers will record your hours. You will receive a verification email periodically with an update on your hours.

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