Chrysalis After-school Girls Group

UCAN is excited to partner with Chrysalis to provide girls in our neighborhood this great opportunity for after-school programming for girls in 4th & 5th grade! This program meets Thursday from 4-5:30pm when school is in session at UCAN’s Youth Center – Lions Park 4103 72nd St. in Urbandale.

Chrysalis After-School is the community’s leading program for girls ages 9 to 14 and for high school girls’ leadership development. Our emphasis on resilience, connectedness, self-confidence, and health includes volunteerism, academic support, leadership development, STEM engagement, financial literacy, and mentoring.

To understand what’s going on in the lives of adolescent girls, we involve them in all aspects of planning and implementation of Chrysalis After-School. Annual evaluations demonstrate the success of this strategy, as participant results report statistically higher changes (when compared with girls not in Chrysalis After-School programs) in the following areas:

  • intent to finish high school
  • ability to resist peer pressure
  • willingness to take responsibility for one’s actions
  • understanding that working hard today can lead to a successful future

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