Mike Badeaux PicMike Badeaux, together with his wife Leslie and their three daughters, has lived in Urbandale since 2003. An Iowa native, Mike joined the UCAN Board of Directors when, tired of traveling the world for business leadership responsibilities, he realized that there was plenty of opportunity for him to play a leadership role closer to home in his own community. This was largely thanks to former Urbandale mayor Brad Zaun encouraging Mike to “step up or shut up” (Mike’s words, not Senator Zaun’s) when he  complained about the pace of an expanding city presence among the growing western neighborhoods of the city.

Mike has just started in his community service journey, although it’s a journey that comes naturally given his years of service as a military police officer in the U.S. Air Force. Mike is currently a technology leader at a major insurance provider in Central Iowa; he is a graduate of Simpson College.

Mike’s Comment: “I’d encourage anyone with a passion for our community to contribute something simple. Giving just an hour or so of your time, or asking your employer to make a charitable contribution to one of UCAN’s many high-impact service programs can make a huge difference in the quality of our citizens’ lives. Trust me, you’ll get just as much out of helping as others will get from receiving that help!”

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