At the most recent Hy-Vee Begin course our uFit Challengers heard from dietitian Heather that “food is information for your body.” We also learned of a massive multi-year study that discovered eating seven or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day reduces risk of death at any age by 42%,(1) with most of the benefit coming from vegetables. While seven servings of fruits and vegetables per day may seem like a significant effort, incorporating a serving at breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks, and two servings at lunch and dinner reaches the seven serving threshold. In short, we should strive to eat vegetables at every meal.

Assembling the right combination of “information” for our bodies can be a difficult task, but with the help of a customized meal plan that increases lean protein, fruits, and vegetables while decreasing (but not eliminating) carbohydrates, our uFit Challengers are seeing results. With 240 trips to the gym, 67 nutrition classes, and 315 days of recording in a food journal recorded to date, nearly all uFit Challengers have lost weight. Four of our 15 uFit Challengers have lost more than 5% of their body weight in just 5 weeks.

We’re so proud of the work that all of our Challengers are putting in and are excited to help them achieve their own personal health goals.

About the uFit Challenge:
The 2014 uFit Challenge has assembled 15 Urbandale residents who have a desire to improve their health and placed them on five teams of three. Challengers earn points for activities that will help them meet their wellness goals, including attending Hy-Vee’s Begin nutrition courses, recording their meals in a food journal, exercising at the Aspen or working out at home, and attending special uFit Challenge events.


uFit Challenge – “Food is information for your body”
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